Project Management

Project Management Request Cycle

New Project Request:
Step 1: Submit a Project Request using the form.
Step 2: Institutional Research (IR) reviews the request to determine whether the request should be processed as a new Project Request or a Data Request.
Step 3: Once the project request is flagged as an actual Project Request, IR will convert the Data Request into a Project Request. IR will meet with the division VP to discuss the project request and obtain support to move forward.
Step 4: All project requests approved by their respective divisions will be presented to VP Leadership for institutional prioritization and resource allocation.
Step 5: Based on the priority level assigned by VP Leadership, IR will plan the necessary resources and establish collaborations to begin the official project management process for the project(s).
Step 6: When resources become available, IR will formally convert the Project Request into an Official Project and follow the project management life cycle.
Step 7: IR will meet with the VP to provide regular updates and report issues as we work with the Project Requestor.

VP Leadership Reprioritization:
  • New Project Requests will be subject to Steps 1-5.
  • Approved Projects in queue will be subject to Steps 4-5 until work can begin.
  • Running Projects are subject to holds and or reprioritization.

Project Request

Project Request Form:
    It is the DATA Request form created to address the institution’s data/report request needs.
    However, under the Request Type question, requestors who select Data Analytics, Report/Dashboard, or Application Development Support will be required to answer additional questions.
    These questions will give the reviewers information needed to determine whether the request should be processed as a New Project Request or as a Data Request.
    Be sure to provide as much information as possible to ensure the reviewers have enough information to present it to the division head (VP).