Data Governance Organizational Chart

The data warehouse initiative is governed by an institutional data governance framework. UHCL consulted with Gartner and developed an institutional Data Governance organizational structure; implementation began in late Fall 2022.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Leadership Steering Committee – Leadership
    • Data Governance Champions
    • Identify business needs
    • Determine priorities
  • Tactical Committee – Directors/Data Owners
    • Determine feasibility
    • Identify resources needed
    • Monitor the progress of the Working Committee
    • Communicate milestones to Leadership Steering Committee
    • Establish and document business, practices, processes, procedures, and or policies
    • Request support from the Leadership Steering Committee
  • Working Committee – Data Owners/Data Analysts
    • Carry out the initiatives
    • Create taskforces as required for collaborative work
    • Data Glossary Taskforce
    • Data Dictionary Taskforce
    • Report Progress and Issues to the Tactical Committee
    • Submit requests for resources to the Tactical Committee
  • Data Analytics Training Alliance (DATA) – Power users’ group; in-take for all data-related requests
    • Required to attend DATA Scrum (M/W/F)
    • Members are tasked with evaluating information requests, identifying the responsible area(s), assigning requests, and completing requests.
  • Institutional Data Education Academy (IDEA)
    • Citizen analyst training program is geared towards enhancing the data research, analytics knowledge, and skills of UHCL’s faculty and staff through a rigorous training program
    • Application Process
    • Candidate Selection Process
    • 10-month program – one all-day session per month